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What’s YOUR Coffee Quirky Habit?

What’s your favourite Coffee (or tea) quirky habit? We all have them.

coffee time

I’m a massive fan of coffee and visiting different cafes around the world.

When I go to different cafes – part of the appeal for me if not just the coffee – but also the presentation and even the cups the coffee is served in. I like coffee cups with full, generous “lips” – like Angelina Jolie (I imagine)!

Angelina Jolie Lips

Even when I’m making coffee at home – I love to use my special Vespa coffee cups.

vespa coffee cup

It’s called a  demitasse – a friend told me.

Anyway,  I was having coffee in a cafe with a mate and he orders his coffee in a take-away container – even though we are sitting inside at a table.

He explains that this is his “quirky” coffee habit.

coffee takeaway

It’s in case I get a call and I have to rush off – he explains

Who are you? Batman? – I ask

He also explains that he likes how the lid keeps his coffee warmer for longer.

That seems logical I think Practicality over the aesthetics!

What’s YOUR tea or coffee quirk?

Please add to the comments below!

Look at this size of THIS coffee – called The Edith Piaf. Seems to me a re-working of the old Betty Blue that was all the rage when the movie came out! Do you remember the Betty Blue? The Movie and the Coffee??

Coffee EP


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