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How to create “quotable quotes” for #ThoughtLeadership (pt2) – use the sound of words

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Here’s one way  can make your messages more memorable and create “quotable quotes” – use the sound of words. You can use poetic devices such as:…

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Joy of new words: Twitskrieg

Do you like making up or discovering “new” expressions to describe new phenomena? I love reading and finding new expressions and even making some up myself. I have some witty … Continue reading

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Use the pulling power of memes and pop culture quotes to attract readers you want

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If you want to attract people to your social media content – here’s a simple way. Brace yourself….it’s… ? the pulling power of social media memes…

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#Writing tip: What speechwriters and copywriters can learn from lyric writers

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Are you a “word person” who enjoys the words in songs as much as the music? Ever since I was a kid I used to love…

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WTF! Be careful of abbreviations in your business writing and e-mails

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What do you think when you see WTF? When I help organisations improve their business writing – I warn about the dangers of abbreviations. ? I…

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Like to reduce your #stress? Apply the ‘red light’ technique in the office (Pt 2)

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Can you relate to any of these common work problems? You are in the office and get “bad news” by e-mail of a project falling over…

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#Media Tip:How to adapt your message – when you need to be light and chatty about more serious subjects

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  A “serious” scientific client impressed me so much. The client’s communication team had done its homework. The comms team knew to reach the target audience,…

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