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How a catchy name can tempt you to try different things on the menu – Dirty Chai!

Are you a big fan of trying different and “new” things on a menu? Do you try things just because of a catchy name?

Do you always order the same thing or do you like to “work your way through a menu”?

dirty chai

I know I do – I like variety and I dig a catchy name – and especially if  the food or drink is something I haven’t tried before.

Today, I was at one of my favourite  retro-style cafes waiting on some friends for a  creative project business meeting.

A beverage  called the Dirty Chai caught my attention.

TB note taking at ST

I usually love a good soothing Chai Latte – but today I tried a Dirty Chai – after asking what it was, of course!

I was told it’s a Chai Latte – with an added shot of coffee! A bit more expensive because of the extra shot of coffee – but I was feeling experimental!

Coffee and  Chai Tea together – that sounds terrible!! Dirty Chai sounds much better – even intriguing!

Anyway, I tried it and  enjoyed the complex  and contrasting mix. At first there was a clash of tastes – but then harmony.

After the initial coffee bitterness – a smoother, softer mellow aftertaste of the Chai.

For me, one of the coolest things was the attitude of the cafe (Southside Tearooms in Morningside)- another customer ordered a Chai Latte. The barista has some left over coffee from making my Dirty Chai and she gave the customer a free upgrade to the Dirty Chai.

dirty chai on menu

I also love going to cafes in Byron Bay and partaking in LSD – that stands for Latte Soy Dandelion. That’s a smooth sweet combination too!

What about you?   What’s your favourite brew?

What does it “say” about you?

Are you always  having the same thing – or do you like to try different things?

Well, if you didn’t know before – now you know what a Dirty Chai is!


dirty chai


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