putting the FAN in evangelism – spreading your messages by daring to share what you are a FAN of

What is eFANgelism?

e-Fan-gelist is about harnessing your passions (what you are a fan of) to get your message across and spread the news about business, your organisation, your art, your event, or  your cause.

It’s about putting the “Fan” in e-Fan-gelism and can be used for promoting good causes as well as everyday business.

I’m a presentation and communication coach and I’ve helped hundreds of presenters and writers connect with their audiences by injecting  passion and just a dash of the personal. I’m “practicing what I preach” by adding photos of what I’m passionate about – family, music, travel.

A wise man (my boss at talkforce) once said “content is everywhere” and I’ll be posting about everyday examples on how to be an e-Fan-gelist to get your messages across.


One comment on “What is eFANgelism?

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