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Friday afternoons for serious work – the new target time or a no-go zone?

How do you feel about getting work calls in the office or having meetings scheduled for Friday afternoons?

It’s very interesting – the attitudes of different business cultures and different generations.

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As an Australian business professional and “office worker”, from my business culture experience there was an “unspoken understanding” that Friday afternoons were a time for “tidying up the week” and preparing for the next week.

You usually didn’t phone people (unless it was essential) with anything “too demanding”.

When I later worked as a government media adviser, Fridays had a different function.

In fact, one of my favourite TV shows, The West Wing had a whole episode about Fridays as “Take Out the Trash Day” (link at the end of this post along with explanation).

I’d release less favourable announcements – figuring that fewer people would be interested in the Friday night news.

Later, as a corporate trainer, I usually advised clients to not schedule training for Friday afternoons because people seemed less focussed on work at this time.

From my international experience, I found that in many other cultures Friday afternoons are no different from any other part of the week.

My US business friends (now living in Australia) confided in me that they had to learn when to “back off” in demanding work from Australians –  especially on Friday afternoons and the weekends. Their US experience was that people had to always be available to do work.

I’m not saying this “older-school” attitude is right – I’m just pointing out that the attitude exists with a generation of business execs.

I understand the Friday afternoon attitude also varies from industry to industry.

The new target time.


Many “old-school” sales trainers advise that Friday afternoons are not the most productive times for calls or meetings.

A more modern trend (out of the US) is to deliberately schedule calls or meetings in the new “target time” (Fridays 2 – 5 p.m.) because:

  1. people are too busy on Mondays
  2. people can be in a more relaxed mood as they ease into the weekend – their resistance can be lower
  3. why should you waste an afternoon of a work day?

Anyway, I’m just curious to know your views – and I expect different views from different parts of the world and different industries and generations.

Please add your views to the comments below.

Here’s a link to The West Wing explanation of how Fridays have a different purpose for politics and the media.

Also, check out the page associated with this image.

friday image

It looks like Fridays are busy days and good for  the food truck business – with a sense of celebration!



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