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Blenders in the Grass! What’s the best #pun business name you’ve ever seen?

Do you love business names with a sense of humour? On a recent trip to the US, I loved seeing fresh fun business names like Blenders in the Grass!


Maybe this is a common sight in the US – but I thought it was clever.

Then again, I am partial to memorable, pun names – like an Australian business called Lord of the Fries!

Are you familiar with the book and  movies The Lord of the Flies?

Lord-of-the-flies book

That  book was part of my childhood – as it was for hundreds, probably thousands of kids around the world.

Maybe that’s why I loved these puns on the name.

1. Lord of the Fries – a food shop that sold fries of course amongst other things!

2. Lord of the Files – a business that helps you organise your filing

pun pulp friction

I love this Juice shop name too. Yes, I’m a sign nerd who snaps photos of names I find amusing.

As a friend reminded me, in an Australian TV comedy about small businesses – there was a business (fictional I think) called King of the Juice.

Get it?

I love puns. I can’t help myself enjoying other people’s puns and wordplay.

As I travel the world on training and speaking assignments, I love to snap photos of fun pun names – like these I saw recently in Singapore – Chocoolate and Steakout.


steak out

If you reading thing – you probably dig puns too!

Puns can be useful in social media and business too – often in attracting like-minded, pun-loving people.

Here are some links to posts involving the strategic use of puns:

1.An effective punny and funny way to get attention

2. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

In a future post, I’ll share punny, funny names for Thai Restaurants.

It’s almost compulsory to have a punny name if you have a Thai restaurant.

I wonder if there is a Lord of the Thais? 🙂

Please share in the comments section below – any good funny, punny business names you have seen.


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