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Difficult message to deliver? How to be more positive in your speech or presentation

Originally posted on efangelist:
If you want to be more positive in your next presentation, I encourage you to: 1. Practise delivering your presentation out loud 2. Record it (on…

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#Dreamworld – disaster or incident or accident – choose the right words for #crisis management

If you need to handle a crisis you need to be aware of the power and nuance of the  words y0u use. As Deputy News Director at a major Australian … Continue reading

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Writing for broadcast news – when every second and syllable counts Tip 2

Originally posted on Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard):
One easy way to cut syllables and seconds from a script: look for the words around  the word OF – you…

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#Writing Tips: the old “future tense as a question” trick – Part 4/4

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  How these techniques really work in making business writing more engaging and insightful. Here’s how tweaking tense will have a huge impact and improve YOUR…

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How SO WHAT? and NOW WHAT? and tweaking your tense can boost your business – Part 1/4

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Here’ a quick example that can help show YOU the value of tweaking your tense to help you win more business – and the value of…

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