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Writing for broadcast news – when every second and syllable counts Tip 2

Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

One easy way to cut syllables and seconds from a script: look for the words around  the word OF – you can often tighten up expressions using  OF.


This week subbing TV news,  I subbed lines like this:

a breakthrough in the treatment of X disease


has come out in defence of Y

When I need to trim a script for a news story OR for short news promos – my eye goes to the OF expressions.

the above expressions were trimmed to:

A breakthrough treatment for  X disease 

(in the treatment of – becomes treatment for or in treating)


has defended Y

(has come out in defence of – becomes has defended)

When you only get 20 seconds  for an LVO (Live Voice Over) or 80 seconds for a ‘package’ or 15  second for an intro – every syllable and second counts.


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