putting the FAN in evangelism – spreading your messages by daring to share what you are a FAN of

Do you love “new words” like: Homance – what other O-mances can YOU create?

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Don’t you love it when you see a new word that has been created to describe something that hasn’t been described so concisely and colourfully before? Today…

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A creative way to attract more people to your creative event – appeal to more senses

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You can apply this simple yet effective technique to attract more people to your business (or social or school) event – Broaden the appeal by…

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Game of Maroons – Game of Thrones – Why “Maroons” is pronounced like Thrones?

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If you love your State of Origin ( the Maroons versus the Blues) AND you love language – you may be interested to know why the…

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When correct wording is important for political and business leaders

Does it annoy you when you hear political and business leaders use the wrong words when they speak? Do you ‘think less of them’ when you hear them make mistakes? … Continue reading

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The importance of eye contact when #presenting – #Rugby Examples

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In Western business culture – direct eye contact projects confidence and “honesty”. Not meeting someone’s eye can be seen as being evasive, not confident and even…

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#BetterLawBlogTips:Blog like Bregman(Harvard Bus Rev)

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How you can write more engaging business blogs  – like Peter Bregman from the Harvard Business Review  If you need to turn you business information into…

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How smart phones are changing the way we “choose” a business

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Do you do this? Instead of writing stuff down you just take a photo with your smart phone. It’s happening a lot with business contact details…

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