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#Writing Tip: How to use SCALD and SCOLD correctly

Originally posted on Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard):
      A TV news story about a child being burnt in a bath of hot water had a ‘super’…

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How a secluded ‘sun and sea’ retreat like Sirenia can help you achieve your #creativity goals

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If you have a creative project you need to finish, you can learn from the writing discipline of Ian Fleming (the author of…

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Grace under (deadline) pressure – the Hemingway peak time technique

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Grace under pressure when you are under deadline pressure – Learn from Hemingway Hollywood and Facebook exec Chris Adams knows what it’s like…

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How to find mental focus and energy for your next big project

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So many business people need to find mental focus for big projects – but they are often too busy, too interrupted, and too stressed to perform…

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#Creativity as a #Cure-ator for Cure fans

Originally posted on I Wanna Be Creative!:
Sometimes your artistic ‘talent’ is curating the talents of others – or with this Cure-inspired project, being a Cure-ator. I have a passion for…

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Why workers should be afraid of words starting with RE-

It’s been a rough week and a rough month for media – in Australia and in the US with news of financial woes and job cuts and hard decisions to … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy, bankrupture, debt slaves, debt death and other interesting things

Do you know where the word bankruptcy came from? Do you know ‘ancient’ bankrupts were ordered into slavery and some were killed? The news today about Channel 10 going into … Continue reading

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