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The power of the DeLorean and nostalgia and emotive logos

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Do you remember the DeLorean from Back to the Future? I loved it back then – and I still love it now! I’m happy my 10-year…

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New word – scareotype

Don’t you love new words/expression that describe something concisely and cleverly?       This word – scareotype was inspired as I was listening the ABC movie reviews this morning … Continue reading

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How to write a job ad that makes your organisation look professional and doesn’t deter applicants

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Do you know how much your organisation’s writing projects the image and “personality” of the organisation? Even the writing in job ads reflects whether an organisation…

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The importance of consistency in #rugby – and in #writing

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I’ll be upfront with you. I love working with business people who are rugby union fans – AND I’d love to help out rugby writers/sports networks…

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Business Writing discipline and #Rugby defence – you gotta hold on right until the very end

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If you love rugby or writing or rugby writing (as I do) – you can learn a valuable lesson from a recent article about the Wallabies…

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Warning – Can you tell a scammer by poor grammar?

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There are so many scams around – especially e-mail scams where you are encouraged to click on certain links. I just got an e-mail with this…

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A quick, easy business lesson “snack” for your lunch or coffee break

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Here’s a quick tip that can save you lots of grief. I just made this mistake – so you don’t have to. Lesson: be very mindful when you are writing…

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