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Political campaigning: watch your background, come prepared, and adapt to changes

This post is inspired by reading (on the Courier Mail’s website this morning) all the reaction to Jo-Ann Miller’s ‘photo moment’ with Pauline Hanson in the Queensland Election campaign. I … Continue reading

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An easy way to avoid #reign/#rein mistakes: #copywriting #writing tips

It’s a common mistake – confusing reign with rein – as you can see in this on-line news story – but it’s so easy to remember how to choose the … Continue reading

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kick off or kick-off? Pick up or pick-up? #Copywriting #writing tips

This post was inspired by seeing a mistake in a commercial TV news bulletin in the graphic behind/next to the newsreader. Now, while this mistake is not as damaging to … Continue reading

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Executive Problem-solving – ‘put down’ your problem and get out from under it

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
Having a problem hanging over your head can be so exhausting and frustrating. You carry it around with you and when you are ‘under a…

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How a catchy pop culture reference can attack your political opponent: Political Campaign Communication Tactics

Political campaigning is often about voter impressions rather than in-depth policy analysis. As a former Political Media adviser and speechwriter, I was impressed and amused by a headline in this … Continue reading

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Compliment or complement? – an easy way to avoid embarrassing and expensive #writing mistakes

We all need to be careful avoid this common yet potentially expensive mistake that can cost you credibility and cold hard cash. This morning I shuddered to see a well … Continue reading

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How to handle protesters when they crash your event part 1 of 2

Handling protesters requires skill and discipline, fast action and restraint. Often protesters crashing an event or even a live television appearance is great fodder for the media (it’s dramatic and … Continue reading

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