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Axing or axeing?

This post was inspired by news of Fatty Vautin’s axeing (or should it be axing) from the Footy Show. As a writing instructor for organisations such as Apple, I was … Continue reading

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‘Political’ argument for the media’s audience

You need to know how to ‘fight’ in so many ways in political (and business) argument. You need to know your ‘venue’ AND who is ‘judging’ your performance. I use … Continue reading

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How you can write more engaging business blogs

How you can write more engaging business blogs – like Peter Bregman from the Harvard Business Review If you need to turn your business information into engaging social media (blogs … Continue reading

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Protect and use your ‘peak times’

We can all be most effective and productive and creative if we use our time better. We all have different peak times. It’s important to know YOUR peak times, protect … Continue reading

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Better #twitter – take your passion and make it happen!

Better #Twitter – take your passion and make it happen! Do you enjoy finding out more about people on twitter? I enjoy “studying” how people describe themselves on twitter. You … Continue reading

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Which is the higher sponsorship level – diamond or platinum or titanium?

If you get confused by Sponsorship levels – you are not alone. This post may help you understand the hierarchy confusion. At the moment there is confusion about which is … Continue reading

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How to be more comfortable when being interviewed by the media about ‘uncomfortable’ topics Part 1 of 2

We all have topics in our business or personal lives that we would prefer not to talk about – or linger on. The challenge is – when you are being … Continue reading

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