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An easy way to write in the conversational broadcast news style

Originally posted on Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard):
This tip and example will help you write in the ‘broadcast news style’ that is more casual and conversational than the…

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This this this teasing writing technique can get annoying when overused

Using THIS is a headline is a common tease writing technique – a deliberate vagueness that is designed to entice you to click through to see what the THIS is. … Continue reading

October 30, 2018

How to use contrast and conflict to compel more attention and more clicks for your stories or messages

This post was inspired by a story that compelled me to click through and read it.     What was the best news of his life on a day he … Continue reading

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Prepare answers for questions you know are coming – a good example to follow

We can all learn from how Cooper Cronk responded to a difficult question he knew was coming – about his view on whether former teammate and now opponent Billy Slater … Continue reading

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How a catchy name can tempt you to try different things on the menu – Dirty Chai!

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
Are you a big fan of trying different and “new” things on a menu? Do you try things just because of a catchy name? Do…

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Why it was better to be ‘sacked’ than ‘fired!’ – ‘fired’ was much more brutal than ‘sacked’?

These days we often use the words ‘fired’ and ‘sacked’  as meaning the same thing – to be dismissed from a job. With all the news today about Michelle Guthrie … Continue reading

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Do you know why we say ‘sacked’ or ‘given the sack’?

Today’s headlines scream:  ‘sacked’!   Most us know what ‘sacked’ means – but do you know where the expression came from and why people were ‘given’ the sack? What was … Continue reading

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