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Presentation tips for presenting to a live audience and remote audiences simultaneously

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These days with Facebook Live and other live streaming platforms, we often need to present to several audiences (often simultaneously) – some audience members in…

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Avoid these common, credibility-eroding writing errors – be risk-aDverse.

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Be risk-aDverse and avoid these common errors with words that sound or look similar. ? Yes, the headline in the image inspired this post and…

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Check your business writing for mistakes that can make you look shoddy: stationery or stationary?

Please be honest: how would you feel about buying stationery from a business that doesn’t even know how to spell stationery…or doesn’t bother to check how stationery is spelled on … Continue reading

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Why ‘weird’ words work in attracting audience attention and click-through

This post was inspired by the number of times I see the word WEIRD in headings and headlines.   It’s an old copywriting trick – especially when you: promise  a … Continue reading

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How Business Evangelism can make you more effective in your work

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
Wow, I’ve had lots of interesting reaction to my post about How Lawyers (and other professionals) can use e-Fan-gelism to win more business and make…

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Why the combination of #writing and #photography skills is SOOOO valuable

Originally posted on I Wanna Be Creative!:
This post was inspired by this delicious and tempting photo: ? ? MMMMMMM (in a Homer Simpson voice)… the revealed layers…the colour of the…

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What a good example of ‘dramatic vagueness’ – we can all use to attract an audience for our messages.

This post was inspired by an article I saw this morning on the on-line edition of my local paper – The Courier Mail This hooked my attention and intrigued me … Continue reading

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