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Avoid the ‘pain of parting’ of kerbside pick-up

As you travel around this time of year, you are likely to see piles of household items out ready for kerbside pick-up. I’ve recently been through throwing things out – … Continue reading

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How to shake that March/February frustration and ‘February funk’ part 2/2

In part 1 Brisbane psychologist Kerry Deller (The Conscious Psychologist) and I shared about how it’s normal this time of year for people to feel frustrated and even experience an … Continue reading

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How to shake that February frustration and ‘February funk’

If you are feeling a bit down or frustrated in February – you are not alone. It’s normal to suffer some ‘February Funk’ this time of year according to Brisbane … Continue reading

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How to create great words like Sharktopus, Slide:ology and the Vacula 2000

Originally posted on I Wanna Be Creative!:
In my last post I shared how while driving to school, my 8-year-old son Orlando and I played some creativity games “riffing” on…

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To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications

If you work in recruitment and you are trying to attract good talent, I suggest you don’t let mistakes like this slip through: “To be sucessful in this position, you … Continue reading

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How to find a positive angle – focus on the future rather than the painful present

Originally posted on efangelist:
How is your present? For many people these days – the present can be painful and disappointing. Sometimes finding the positive angle comes in handy –…

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Don’t let others put ‘bad’ words in your mouth – learn from skilled politicians

We can all learn from skilled politicians on how to present well and avoid others putting negative words in your mouth. This will help you if you are business spokesperson … Continue reading

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