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Accidental #creativity of #gotgeoud words

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Sometimes gotgeoud things are created by accident. Do YOU know what gotgeoud means? Neither did I! A friend who loves collecting and using words from…

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State of Origin – battle of wits

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I love State of Origin rivalry where workplaces have supporters backing different teams – the Blues and the Maroons. I love the friendly “ribbing” and one-upmanship.…

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Bad news and the State of Origin

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Do you love all the anticipation and “buzz” in the build-up for a State of Origin game? And all the post-game analysis? ? I do! I…

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#Fogography – why fog intrigues us

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Do you love photography of fog? (#fogography). This morning, I’ve been enjoying Facebook friends posts of fog. Maybe it’s because in Queensland, fog…

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Do you love “new words” like: Homance – what other O-mances can YOU create?

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Don’t you love it when you see a new word that has been created to describe something that hasn’t been described so concisely and colourfully before? Today…

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A creative way to attract more people to your creative event – appeal to more senses

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You can apply this simple yet effective technique to attract more people to your business (or social or school) event – Broaden the appeal by…

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Game of Maroons – Game of Thrones – Why “Maroons” is pronounced like Thrones?

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If you love your State of Origin ( the Maroons versus the Blues) AND you love language – you may be interested to know why the…

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