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#Teasing trick to get more clicks: Visual hook + Vagueness

This post was inspired by this story that compelled me to click through and read it this morning.   You can use this technique too to¬†attract your audience. Now the … Continue reading

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Compelling and engaging #writing and #copywritng: a great example we can all learn from

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
This post was inspired by an on-line news story that hooked my attention and ‘resonated’ with me and made me want to read the story.…

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Sorry Paris, this #teasing technique is better

You can learn a lot from the teasing headline/heading example that inspired this post.   Each morning, when I scroll through scores of on-line news and feature stories ¬†– I … Continue reading

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How ‘the funnel’ can attract a bigger audience for your messages

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
This post was inspired by a media story that uses what I call the ‘funnel technique’. You can use it too to draw a bigger…

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How to harness the power of ‘new nostalgia’

Originally posted on Sentimental as Anything:
It started when I heard my teenage boy singing the old John Denver song “Country Roads”. ? ? I wondered: how did he know…

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How you can boost business profits and results with corporate creativity

Many creative people work in serious businesses and they cower behind cold, detached corporate language and boring buzzwords. Many are afraid to show their creative sides – but creativity and … Continue reading

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When question headings can be useful. Have I revealed too much?

Originally posted on Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard):
This post was inspired by a story and a headline and an image that compelled me to read it. ? ?…

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