putting the FAN in evangelism – spreading your messages by daring to share what you are a FAN of

Spit happens! – how a Jimmy Buffett attitude helps

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Warning: please read this when you are NOT eating I’m so glad I’m a Jimmy Buffett fan! It’s Saturday morning and I’m sick and cranky –…

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How typing on a manual typewriter can start the flow of your writing

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For writers, fear is not black…or dark. Fear is white… and blank – a blank white page…a blank screen…an intimidating white abyss. One…

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Don’t blame pour writers in you’re organisation – help them!

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Don’t blame poor writers in your organisation – help them! Are you one of those people who judges people by there writing? (The use of there…

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How making your messages ‘fridge friendly’ can improve your communication

This is an earlier post – and very relevant today with elections coming up and an important plebiscite​ – where both sides of politics and issues are trying to persuade … Continue reading

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How ‘removing’ – can help you get things done and boost your #productivity and #creativity

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A friend who is a successful thriller writer (and a fellow fan of James Bond author Ian Fleming) sent me a wonderful and…

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Executive Problem-solving – ‘put down’ your problem and get out from under it

Having a problem hanging over your head can be so exhausting and frustrating. You carry it around with you and when you are ‘under a problem’ you only see one … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Bledisloe Cup and the Pulitzer Prize – to help your name live on, and improve your ‘business brand’

You’ve probably heard of the Pulitzer Prize and the Bledisloe Cup – but do you know the people behind these famous awards/prizes/trophies? This post was inspired by chatting with an … Continue reading

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