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How SO WHAT? and NOW WHAT? and tweaking your tense can boost your business – Part 1/4

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Here’ a quick example that can help show YOU the value of tweaking your tense to help you win more business – and the value of asking two very important questions:

So What? And

Now What?

Imagine YOU are a boss in a major international financial organisation that competes with so many other organisations creating business analysis and updates.

I got a call from such a person to help his people make their writing stand out from competitors and sound more “insightful”.

I worked with a team of super-smart financial brains.

They were far smarter than I was – yet my journalism experience and skills helped them make their reports “sound” more insightful and more current.

It was the same information – just  improved by tweaking the tense and asking those two vital questions.

word nerd

In a briefing with “the boss”, we got to he bottom of…

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