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Difficult message to deliver? How to be more positive in your speech or presentation

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If you want to be more positive in your next presentation, I encourage you to:

1. Practise delivering your presentation out loud
2. Record it (on video or audio) so you can review your presentation OR get a colleague to give you feedback
3. Seek out negative language and replace it with more positive language

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I often help executives prepare for important presentations and we go through this exact process.

When I hear negative expressions I will ask the executive questions to find the positive. We will often replace a negative word by finding its opposite.

For example:

In practice session for an upcoming important presentation an executive said:

Unfortunately we failed to reach our target

Positive language – avoid the word Failure – it is not an option! Replace with positive language

I encourage presenters to see if they can avoid the words unfortunately and fail.

Fortunately, you can…

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