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State of Origin heated arguments – which state should you support?

State of Origin causes heated arguments – tempers flare and insults and accusations fly.


Sometimes it’s funny – sometimes it gets serious!

karl walk out

You see TV host Karl Stefanovic from the Today show “storm”  off the set because “arguments”about his state of origin and who he SHOULD be supporting.

(The event looked “staged to me” – but that’s just my suspicious nature about the media)

Social media burns with comments such as:

“..the lowest of the low… a totally born and bred New South Welshman that supports Queensland, you are total scum!!”

I’m a big State of Origin fan and a proud Queensland supporter who spent almost 20 years living in NSW. I always supported Queensland .

I always stayed loyal – even back in the old days when NSW would occasionally win a series 🙂

As a former lawyer, I’m interested in argument  and reasoning and I’m interested in hearing your views.

As far as I know there are no statutes or cases about the obligations and duty of care of fan support.

Instead of locus standi – it’s locus fan-di

Personally, I argue your loyalty should not just depend on where you are BORN – but (as the above comment says) BORN AND BRED.

In the game on the field – players play for the state where they played their first professional (first senior rugby league) game  – not just where players were born.

I argue, by extension, that  fan loyalty depends not on the state where  a fan is born – but on where the fan first became a fan of rugby league or where they first attended their first rugby league game. (professional or not)

My 9-year-old son is in a difficult situation. He was born in NSW – yet he  is now a proud “Queenslander” and Maroons supporter.

Is he forever obliged to support NSW?

I argue for the rights of  NSW-born children everywhere to have the freedom to support Queensland – if they can prove the Queensland nexus.

Because this is such a serious matter I argue the  higher standard of proof –  beyond reasonable doubt rather than on the balance of probabilities.

And what about the many fans who were born in neither NSW or Queensland? What are their obligations of support?

Maybe Gus will know the answer?

Or we could go to higher authority – King Wally?


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