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Dad, why is the Queensland colour maroon? Here’s an explanation.

Have you ever wondered WHY the Queensland colour is maroon?

When my son asked me this question, I was intrigued and went looking for answers.



I know that maroon IS the Queensland colour and I know Queensland officially made maroon the State colour – but my son wanted to know WHY it has long been the Queensland colour.

We are both big fans of the State of Origin side, the  Maroons – and the Brisbane team, The Broncos – and both teams sport that colour.

You can see the colour on Queensland number plates too – and not just the personalised ones to celebrate the 8 wins in a row.



Here’s a snippet from a  State government website:


On 13 November 2003 the Governor in Council officially named maroon as Queensland’s state colour.

This announcement was made as a result of a long-held, but informal, tradition of using maroon to represent Queensland.

Maroon has traditionally been associated with Queensland sport in particular and is the official colour (in combination with gold) for rugby league club the Brisbane Broncos.


But, I wanted to know WHY – s0 I searched further and found  an explanation.


Sure, it was on a site about Queensland Rugby Union – but the explanation made sense.


Apparently, the colour was a colour for royal robes of the Queen (Queen Victoria) – and Queensland being named after the Queen – adopted the maroon colour.


Here’s the relevant snippet from the website.

Qld rugby jersey

In 1895 the Queensland Rugby Union introduced maroon as the colour for Queensland. It is reported to have been selected because it was the predominant colour in Queen Victoria’s robes and so was a fitting colour for a state named Queen’s Land.


If you know a different explanation – please share in the comments below.


The explanation made sense to me and that’s what I told my son.

I wonder if Queen Victoria would be amused that she inspired the Queensland sporting colours and the colour of the Queensland. Maybe she’d be more interested in the colours of Victoria!





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