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What to do when you are speaking and you lose your train of thought – Part 1

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You are making a point or answering a question – then you lose your train of thought and you can’t remember where you were going or…

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What to do when your mind goes blank in a high-pressure situation

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You know it – but you can’t just recall it when you need it – the name of someone you’ve known for years, some business fact…

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Power of Pun – Are puns a “woolly good idea” – or should you ewes them sparingly?

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What do you think about puns? Some people love making puns and to “enjoying” other puns. Other people hate puns and think they are immature and…

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You’re on a beach with your dearest friends…

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You’re on a beach with your dearest friends. Can you picture them? Which of your friends did you choose? What are your doing? Fishing with mates?…

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Warning – Can you tell a scammer by poor grammar?

There are so many scams around – especially e-mail scams where you are encouraged to click on certain links. I just got an e-mail with this message that “looked” as … Continue reading

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#Rugby coverage #chagrin – when you’re #writing under pressure

If your write under time pressure – chances are that you will make mistakes. I encourage you to: 1. Learn from mistakes so you don’t make them again 2. Go … Continue reading

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#Writing job ads – does politeness pay?

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This post want inspired by reading one of the most “polite” job ads I’ve read recently. Reading job ads often helps me with my work –…

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