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Quite possibly the coolest job ad ever! What do you think of the #writing style?

This post and this heading were inspired by a job ad that hooked my attention with the heading:

Quite possibly the coolest marketing role ever!

As I’ve shared in previous posts, I “study” job ads to help in my job as a writing coach and trainer who helps organisations write messages (including job ads) – messages that cut through and hook and attention and persuade readers to take the necessary action.

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One morning when I was studying job ads – the one with the above heading compelled me to read it first (before any others on my list)!

I was impressed by the attention-grabbing and enthusiastic heading as well as lots of other things – including:

1. Warm “inclusive” tone

An inclusive tone is when you use lots of YOU (second person) and WE and US (instead of more detached APPLICANT, OR just using the name of the organisation. The ad starts in the first sentence with YOU then moves to the WE – talking about the organisation.

Would you like to join a fun team that develops innovative and cool electronic products and exports them all over the world?


Then come and talk to us.

The job is ad is for a marketing role with Elexon Electronics – an innovation company north of Brisbane.

2. Friendly, conversational tone using casual contractions.

Contractions are where a word or expression is made shorter (contracted). You use an apostrophe for missing letters in a word or words – or example: hasn’t instead of has not. We’ve instead of We have.

In formal writing we’re encouraged to use full words – not more casual contractions.

But contractions sound more conversational, less formal and more natural. When we speak we usually use contractions.

Here’s a section from the job ad. I’ve rarely read an ad where a business admitted that it had “a weakness” or an “opportunity for development/improvement’!

We’ve achieved great successes, even though our marketing hasn’t been our strongest suit. That’s where you come in.

3. Not expecting a candidate to have ALL the skills/years of experience necessary – at the time to taking on the job.

Here’s part of the ad:

The marketing materials we need require a lot of different skills to produce. We don’t expect you to have all of these skills yourself. You can choose to delegate the bits you’re less good at; or if you like, you can stretch yourself and learn new skills and thereby grow into an all-rounder.

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I study a lot of job ads – and the ads are usually very firm about what candidates MUST have.

I can see the logic in the more flexible approach – encouraging more people to apply even if they have MOST – but not all of the required skills and qualifications.

And, speaking about qualifications – here’s an example of further flexibility.

While a degree in marketing and relevant experience would be ideal, we’re deliberately not specifying years of experience or what degrees you must have. We’re more interested in the right talent and the right attitude.

What do YOU think?

The writing in this ad impresses me – with its warm, welcoming and “flexible” style. I’d love to know who actually wrote the job ad.

The ad, in my opinion, seems to have been written by a copywriting professional who is up-to-date with the latest style of writing reader-friendly copy.
The repeated use of the word “cool” and ‘coolest” suggests to me the writer is “more mature” – possibly a “Boomer” or “Gen X-er”.

Then again, maybe it was written by someone at the business – a confident owner/operator who is prepared to break away from the stodgy old style of job ads for something more innovative and fresh.

After all, the ad DOES say it is an INNOVATION company!

I’m keen to now what YOU think of this style. I know that not everyone is as easily impressed as I am by strategically casual and conversational writing.

Many people still detest the use of overly expressive exclamation marks – and this ad has several! Even in the heading!

Please share your views in the comments section below.


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