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Warning – Can you tell a scammer by poor grammar?

There are so many scams around – especially e-mail scams where you are encouraged to click on certain links.

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I just got an e-mail with this message that “looked” as if it came from Australia Post:

A courier have not redeem the parcel to your home for the reason: you were away.
Print out information label and go to post office to pick up the packing.

The poor English made me suspect this was NOT from Australia Post – then again, maybe it WAS from Australia Post – and I am overly suspicious.

Usually messages where you have won a prize are obvious enough – but a message about a mail delivery seems fairly routine.

Still, there were danger signs for me:

The packing?

Have not redeem the parcel?

Anyway, I also encourage you to look at the e-mail address of who sends the message to you. Often the addresses are similar too but NOT from the proper address.

Maybe I’m just a suspicious and cautious type. I encourage you when you read a message to “feel” if the message sounds real and authentic (the writing and spelling and grammar correctness can give you clues).

Stay safe. Stay cautious.




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