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Test your knowledge WD-40, KT26, RP7, TIE Fighter – do you know what the letters and numbers stand for?

Do you like to know what different names (letters and numbers) stand for?

As a kid you wanted to know what  the letters in the Star Wars AT-AT stood for.

You researched to find out the meaning behind  the letters in the name R2-D2!

Yes, you were a “detail nerd”!



Many people in this world like to know what different letters and numbers stand for.

As a young man (wearing KT26 shoes and using WD-40 on my car and before that my bike) I prided myself on knowing what different names stood for.



Even these days when I sit through serious business presentations – I feel more satisfied when there’s a good explanation of the story or meaning behind a product or service name. Many business people  have the same need for explanation.

This is my serious side!

If you don’t already know – or if you’d like to know more:


With WD-40 – the WD stands for Water Displacement and the 40 I think signified the 40-th version of the formula. It was originally invented in the 1950s to help prevent corrosion in nuclear missiles and was later found to have all sorts of household uses. I mainly used it to get rid of water OR to loosen nuts or screws that were hard to move.

With KT26 – the KT stood for Kinetic Technology (how groundbreaking!) and the 26 signified the number of miles in the marathon. I never ran any marathons!

The 26 was about the amount of dollars I could afford for shoes 🙂


The Star Wars TIE fighter stands for Twin Ion Engine – and there are many versions (fictional)



Now RP7 was another one of those water displacement/ lubricant products.

RP7 was also the catchy name for Rocket Propulsion fuel.

I don’t think they were the same thing 🙂  – but the RP7 household/ car lubricant  product sounded pretty powerful and kick-ass!

If you know what RP7 (the lubricant) actually stands for please share in the comments below.

Rust Preventer?

Also, if you have any other interesting examples of product names where the letters and/or numbers  “mean something” please share that too.


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