putting the FAN in evangelism – spreading your messages by daring to share what you are a FAN of

Create funny, visual and share-able social media content to spread your message

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This post was inspired by a funny image I saw on Facebook this morning. It was accompanied by the words: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.…

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Why we should ‘DO less and BE more’ – a better way to start your day

‘The more we DO, the less we BE’ – a better way to start your day. In a previous job, I’d start work almost as soon as I awoke at … Continue reading

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An effective and fun way to get attention for your blog posts and tweets

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? Do you wish more people would stop and read your blogs or tweets? These days – there is so much content out there – too…

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Avoid the ‘pain of parting’ of kerbside pick-up

As you travel around this time of year, you are likely to see piles of household items out ready for kerbside pick-up. I’ve recently been through throwing things out – … Continue reading

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How to shake that March/February frustration and ‘February funk’ part 2/2

In part 1 Brisbane psychologist Kerry Deller (The Conscious Psychologist) and I shared about how it’s normal this time of year for people to feel frustrated and even experience an … Continue reading

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How to shake that February frustration and ‘February funk’

If you are feeling a bit down or frustrated in February – you are not alone. It’s normal to suffer some ‘February Funk’ this time of year according to Brisbane … Continue reading

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How to create great words like Sharktopus, Slide:ology and the Vacula 2000

Originally posted on I Wanna Be Creative!:
In my last post I shared how while driving to school, my 8-year-old son Orlando and I played some creativity games “riffing” on…

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