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I don’t know about you – but I hate it when speakers say “I don’t know about you”!

TBCope.001How do you feel when you are in a meeting or a presentation and you hear a person say:

I don’t know about you…

Personally, it makes me cringe.

When I hear I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU – what I hear is:

I don’t CARE about you.

I haven’t cared enough to find out about you.

I don’t know (about you)

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When I help business people prepare for their important presentations – I keep an ear out for such annoying expressions and suggest “alternatives: such as:

What about you? OR How about you? How do you feel when…

We all have annoying expressions we use as “place holders” in speeches or conversations.

The best way to be aware of your place-holder expressions is to:

1. record/video yourself and listen/look back at your speech or presentation.

2. replace the potentially annoying expression with an alternative wording


Get someone to sit in and listen to your speech and give you feedback on the words/expressions you use.

I got helpful feedback that I tend to over-use “air-quotation” marks and I gesture too expressively for some more conservative industries. Handy to know!

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What about you? How do you feel when you hear “I don’t know about you”?

Am I making too big a thing of it?

Please add your comments below.

Also, are there any other expressions that annoy you?

I also hate “moving forward”!

Please add your comments.

I want to know about you and what you think!


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