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Monthly Archives: September, 2016

The power of parallel structure in #political persuasion #Obama example

  When you need to persuade – you can be more successful by delivering your key message in repeated parallel structure.   As Deputy News Director for a commercial television … Continue reading

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Business and politics battle lessons from the US Civil War – Part 1

When you are battling an opponent in business or in politics you can learn valuable lessons from mistakes and victories in the US Civil War.   I’m a Civil War … Continue reading

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News writing – Good repetition/Bad repetition Part 1

Originally posted on Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard):
One of the greatest tips an editor taught me: don’t fear deliberately repeating words  (what’s Usain Bolt got to do with…

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Writing for broadcast news – when seconds and syllables count Tip 1

      Here’s a great broadcast writing tip I got from a boss when I worked in the US.   When you are trying to ‘write tight’ and cut … Continue reading

September 7, 2016 · 1 Comment

Is your Dangler showing?

Originally posted on doubleshot media:
It may sound a bit “naughty”  – but  dangler is a real writing term – even mentioned in the very proper and respected BBC Style…

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News writing tip: from Baden-Clay High Court decision.

  This tip will help you improve your writing – whether you work in the media or in another industry.   (My prized Olivetti Lettera 32 – we don’t use … Continue reading

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