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Twitter is a perfect platform and chatform for silly #puns. Here’s why –

Do you enjoy puns?

I can’t help myself. I love making up silly puns – and, even more, I enjoy seeing others join in with one-up-PUN-ship.

Chem cat 2

Some people find puns immature – but if YOU enjoy puns, twitter can be a great platform for pun exchange.

As a word nerd and writing coach, I often help businesses improve their twitter writing.

word nerd CU

I seriously study different “experts” approaches to twitter. Some say keep your twitter serious and professional and focussed on business. I can see the logic.

Tao of Twitter

However, the playful punster side of me was very encouraged to discover in – Mark Schaefer’s The Tao of Twitter – that Mark formed strong and lasting business relationships through tweets about sport teams – AND silly puns!

Even the book cover design is a “visual” pun combining the Tao Symbol and the Twitter bird!

As early as page 2 of his book, Schaefer writes about how twitter became engaging for him when thousands of tweeters joined in silly pun making – riffing on names for a swine flu that was damaging the pork industry.

Witty puns flashes across the twitterverse:


Mad Sow Disease

Hamageddon and his favourite…


Silly stuff – but perfect for the brief and connected medium of twitter!

Like-minded punsters can easily join in and check other contributions. Puns often are made up quickly and punsters like to “share” their cleverness.

I often help busy senior execs improve their twitter. Many are very smart and capable yet embarrassed about not knowing how to use twitter and they want to “get on top of it” quickly and efficiently – and quietly in discreet 1-1 sessions

Many of these people are men and “more mature” – men who as boys grew up making model airplanes instead on playing on the internet.

Responsible captains of industry from the generation that listened to The Ramones and songs like Blitzkreig Bop.
Ramones Blitzkreig Bop

They want to put in a concentrated push to learn about twitter.

These men respond well to a “strong” PUN name for the intensive program – a Twitz-kreig

Did that pun make you groan or smile?

There’s a certain playfulness to pun-making. It can also be the sign of creative (non-linear) minds that connect different unrelated things. Twitter + Blitzkreig. Apocalyptic event + pigs

Anyway, if you like puns – you can find so many on twitter.

I use twitter for work – and I also use it for FUN – taking a break from the serious work of the day to get a quick laugh from pun sites AND a bad dad joke person who makes bad puns. I have a pun-loving son – so I often share bad dad jokes with him!

Here are some of my favourite punsters:

Bad Dad Jokes @baddadjokes
What’s the difference between a well dressed man on a a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a tricycle?


PUNS ‏@omgthatspunny
Chemistry Puns

and of course – Chemistry Cat! You need to know your elements to get the jokes. That’s part of the fun and challenge. Chemistry Cat tweets periodically!

Chemistry Cat


Please tweet me if YOU can recommend some more good pun or BAD DAD JOKE twitter or Facebook “sites”.

Cheers, and don’t feel guilty about enjoying puns of having some FUN on twitter.

Hmmmm – what could be a clever pun title for describing a condition of the guilt you feel from making bad puns? Please tweet me OR share in the comments section below. 🙂


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