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#SocialMedia lessons from those red and green cocktail onions!

If you write or blog or are interested in social media – you can learn a lot from the cocktail onion – especially in party food!

cocktail onions

Recently I posted this photo on line (on Facebook) and it got an amazing reaction from friends from all around the world.

The photo was from my niece’s 21st  – where my mum helped with the catering – creating some of her favourite party pleasers!

I hadn’t enjoyed little treats like these for decades and – that first taste brought back a flood of happy memories.

Friends commented that they could remember the  “taste” from just looking at the photos.

Another friend commented that she remembered how the cocktail onions  on toothpicks were often presented in an “exotic fashion”  – in a half of an orange – or even more exotique and tropical – in the half of a pineapple!

retro food orange

The above image was from a fantastic blog post I found about someone else who was obviously a big fan of cocktail onions and retro-inspired party pleasers. I’ll include the link at the end of this post.

Anyway, today I am lucky to have a plate of party left-overs and I am nibbling on cocktail onions and cabanossi as I write this post!

Like Method acting – method writing!

I am serious  when I say – I got so many “lessons” as I reflected as I savoured the cocktail onions – about improving my social media and writing and blogging  – and I’ll share some with you.

1. Colour attracts attention. As you may know the cocktail onion is usually a small “pearl” onion – smaller and sweeter than the “common onion”.  I loved the bright red and green cocktail onions. It was the colour that first made me want to take that photo at the party. Use colourful images to attract the eye. If your subject is bland – compare it to something more colourful!

2.  Creative Combinations – creative combinations are inviting too and often get an eater or a reader curious: “I wonder how that goes with that?”

Cheese and Cabanossi and a cocktail onion – for an eater.

Santa and sales – as a reader I was compelled to read a post because of the curiousity aroused by the combination

3. Bite-sized treats. I know so many people advise to write short blogs etc. – short paragraphs, short and familiar words.

These days so many people “read” on their phones and “on the go”.  Anything that looks like it will take “too long to eat/read” will get “passed over” for something that looks “easier”.

4. The Appeal of retro. In many previous posts I’ve opined about the power of retro. Many senior executives – despite the seriousness of their jobs – find comfort and delight in “retro” passions from when they were kids.  I’ve found I’ve connected with very important and senior executives – because of sharing common passion for things like model airplanes and Batman. I know it sounds trite and immature – but it’s amazing how “retro” gets deep inside people and brings back so many memories.



Just like the reaction from the photos of those “retro” cocktail onion treats.


Now my mum wasn’t trying to be hip or retro. That’s just her idea of party food – probably from the days when she would love to “entertain” with food.

Anyway, if retro party food interests you – here’s the link to that post. I’m not connected with this other blog -other tan having a shared interest in retro party food – and the stylish serving suggestions!

My mother is amused (and happy so many of my friends have reacted so well to her cocktail onions). I’ve already asked her to resurrect her famous devils on horseback!

devils on horseback

The above inviting photo is from this link too:

WARNING: it will make your crave these delights!

cocktail onions


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