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If you build it they will come – and engage and invite their friends and share – #SocialMedia strategy

Do you remember the “If you build it – the will come” quote from the “old” movie “Field of Dreams”?


That idea is true more than ever in this modern time of social media where people and businesses are trying to get more social media engagement and “sharing”

If you build a professional platform for people to “play on” – they will come and probably invite their friends and most probably share whatever they have created on your platform/stage.

In social media terms – people will not necessarily have to go to a physical place – but “they will come” to your site and interact and engage and encourage their friends and followers to visit too!

Make the environment – the surroundings look professional – help the people who engage “look good” – make it so they are proud to share whatever they “create” or contribute to on your site or FB page.

This post was inspired by a recent event where we “got the band back together” –              an ‘egg-lectic’  band I played with at uni – Eugene and the Egg.

Egg 1

(The band – back in the uni days!)

I was very impressed by the venue we played at recently and how they made it so easy for us and gave us a “professional platform/stage” to play on.

The surroundings with posters/paintings of Aussie rock legends provided a colourful backdrop.

gig mural

Here you can see my daughter with the fluro ear protection (not that we were bad to listen to!) – and wife sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Another friend of the band snapped the pic of my wife snapping a pic. And we didn’t ask them to share! It was a snap and share fest – because people wanted to capture the moment – and in my opinion the cool rock setting!

I think the mural and lighting and stage helped us “look cool”.

My son even created some images – without me asking him to do so! He had a chance to show his creativty.

Gig mural mon and cleo

Egg BBQ gig

(the recent reunion)

The band members are all dads now and we invited our families and friends. There was a flurry of sharing on social media by band members and their friends.

As I said I was impressed by how helpful the venue was – but when I think about it – it makes good business sense. There were lots of bands on the line-up and they would have all invited their friends and supporters AND I imagine shared images from the event – spreading the word about these gigs.

TB Media mosaic

Sure the social media enthusiast and communication consultant side of me could see opportunities to improve the potential for further sharing – but the point is:

When you want to engage people in your potential audience

1. give people a “professional stage or platform” to play on
2. make it easy for them – provide support to help them “look good” or “sound good” (the venue provided a very patient and helpful sound dude)
3. make it easy for people and their friends to share about an event or place – before AND After the event.
4. If possible, subtly “brand” shareable content.

(The last two points – are opportunities for improvement for this gig)

To paraphrase another movie – We’ll be back – and bring more people!


TB drumming at BBQ gig

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