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Have you heard these expressions? Unimpresso + Slacktivism

Are you a fan of new words or expressions?  – often creative blends or twists on existing words?

Do they attract your eye when you see them or attract your ear when you hear them?

I’m a big fan of new words and I share new words and expressions as I find them.

These expressions  may have been around for a while – but they are NEW to me and may be new to YOU too.

yellow vespa cup


One of my witty, creative friends was riffing on fun coffee names or jokes this morning  and she came up with a name to describe when you get served a bad coffee.

I ordered an espresso. This is an unimpresso!


Slacktivism – actvists who are slack.

I read this term today about how causes are urging supporters to do more than just press LIKE on social media.

Here’s a link:

I wonder if the tactic against slacktivism will encourage actually more support – or annoy supporters who press “like”!

How would it make you feel? More inclined or less inclined to help?

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