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#SocialMedia and #Spitfire roundels – use the power of eye-catching images

It’s interesting what catches our eye.

It happens in an instant – and yet it can mean the difference between pausing to read a message –  or quickly moving on to the next message.

Spitfire roundel

It’s even more interesting how “eye-catchers” can help you stand out with your social media.

Images can have connotations – and make us feel certain ways.

Whenever something on social media hooks my attention or make me “feel” a certain way – I try to analyse why? 

Today this simple image hooked my eye.

Social catapult

If I analyse it –  it’s probably because I am a massive fan of Mod , Neo-Mod and Brit Pop music. I live in Australia – and  I love the mod design ethos and music – and the Vespas and Lambrettas!

TB Parka

To my eye, the image was a “mod-ified” version of the image often associated with Mods – and bands and fashion purveyors like Ben Sherman.

T and C and mod

Mod sticker

Jam mod sign

The Social Catapult business is in Devon England. I’d never heard of it until that image caught my eye and made me want to find out more!

To me, the image has powerful and positive connotations:

1. the “coolness” of the Brit Pop and Mod/Neo-Mod/mod-Revival Culture

2. the power and “heroism” of the RAF  and  RAAF  and RCAF roundels  (the tri-coloured circles)

RAF logo



When I say “heroism” I refer to the heroic connotations to kids (especially schoolboys) who built model planes.

Especially to kids from Commonwealth countries – one of the coolest planes was the Spitfire with the RAF roundel. I understand people from non-Commonwealth countries may not have the same feelings towards the roundel.

Spitfire roundel

My point is: images catch the eye.

The simpler the better – The RAF roundel was actually designed for quick recognition.

Colour catches the eye.

What I like about the Social Catapult  image is that it is similar to a well known image – and yet different.

Social catapult

Maybe the woman behind Social Catapult, Vanessa Lewis, is a fan of Brit Pop or the Mod scene

Maybe she has some connection with the RAF.

Maybe it’s a target for targeted messages!

Then again, maybe she just knows the power of a simple colourful and recognisable image. 

I’ll have to find out.  I’ve connected with Vanessa on social media.

We see so many messages flash by on Facebook and twitter.

I’m glad this simple image hooked my attention and made me aware of Social Catapult.

Ahh the power of images – I had to dig out my Jam and  Brit Pop music to play while I am writing this!



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