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Do you think the “-a-palooza” tag is now a loser?

As a word nerd and avid twitter fan, I had my curiosity tickled this morning to want to find out more about  hdpalooza – when I saw this expression in top trends.

The lapalooza suffix hooked my attention.

I found out it refers to health data palooza (an event that’s currently on in Washington, DC)  – and the term sounds better in full (with the word data before palooza)  rather the letters hd-palooza.

The term Data palooza has been around since at least 2010 – but this morning was the first I’d ever heard of it  – at it was all because of the “-a-palooza” tag.

hd palooza

I was originally a fan of the lapalooza “tag” from the (then alternate) music festival Lollapalooza when it kicked off in 1991.


I also enjoyed punny re-workings such as one of my favourite albums Lounge-a-palooza. I specially liked how he olives in the martini glass formed the two OOs.


I like when things considered “uncool” and “square” use the “a–palooza” suffix to try to sound “ironic-ly extreme”.

An obvious contrast that sounds good is law-lapalooza and lots of law students and your lawyers have enjoyed the same wordplay!

Then again, maybe this name came from  some “more mature” lawyers who were into the original Lollapalooza vibe in the 1990s!


Being a word nerd I researched the derivation of the “-a-palooza” suffix and was interested to find that it dates back to the early 1900s and even (depending on your source) back to the late 1800s. It was a term to describe an event or celebration or parade that was over the top and extreme.

The positive side of being a word nerd

Here’s a link if your are interested: (see etymology section)

Anyway, what do YOU think?

  • Is the a palooza suffix getting tired from overuse?
  • Is looza now a loser?
  • What’s the best/worst -apalooza event or name you’ve heard of?

For me, I still get a smile and it still tickles my curiousity. I never would have heard about hdpalooza or bothered to find out more without the tag.

Maybe I’m just from a generation where the “-a-palooza” tag had positive connotations.

To the person who came up with the name (and the people who had the guts to approve it) – well done!

I just hope people don’t over-yooza the “a-palooza”!

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