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News #writing tip – be extra careful with ‘war stories’ – in 2018 part 1/2

Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

Australian news audiences will judge you harshly if you are incorrect when you report ‘war stories’.

By ‘war stories’ – I mean the news stories about Australia’s involvement in wars  – often battle ‘anniversary stories’. 2016 was a big year for stories remembering great battles from  1916 (100 year commemorations) and Australia’s Battle of Long Tan in Vietnam in 1966 (50 year commemoration). 2017 and 2018  will also be  big years for 100 year commemorations of World War I battles Australians fought and died in.

From my experience in a stint as Deputy News Director at a major Australian commercial television network –  I know first-hand how Australian news audiences know and care about ‘war stories’.

Many Australian families (including mine) have ‘personal family connection’ to the great battles.  My grandfather’s brother survived Gallipoli in 1915 – and was killed at  Passchendaele in 1916. So many Australian families have…

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