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Communication lessons from the “Challenger” speech (pt 3) – how to sound fatherly without sounding patronising


If you are writing a speech you can learn lots from studying the Challenger Space Shuttle speech – written by Peggy Noonan for President Ronald Reagan in his televised address in 1986.


In previous posts I’ve shared why this is such an effective and powerful speech.

In this post I’ll share a speechwriter’s technique on how to sound fatherly – without sounding patronising.

In part of the speech, Reagan wants to “say something to the schoolchildren of America”

He speaks to the schoolchildren in simple terms – yet I suspect he was also speaking to all the grown ups –  in America, and indeed the rest of the world.

I encourage you to read the full transcript and watch the video in the link to American Rhetoric at the end of this post.

See if you agree with my view that through this technique Reagan can deliver simple messages withou…

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