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How to connect with and convince your readers with “one true sentence” – Hemingway style

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Want to improve your writing?

Want your writing to be more convincing and memorable?

We can all learn from Hemingway’s One True Sentence style.

True – has many meanings – accurate, correct, genuine.

What can really connect your readers and get them to engage with your writing is true description.

I’m on a family beach vacation – and in  a Hemingway vibe.

TB H painting

It’s been a joy to be surrounded by boats and seafood and to have time to re-read some of his true sentences and accurate descriptions.

What makes a sentence “true” for me  s the accuracy of a description.

For example I love how Hemingway described eating oysters.

…I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste…


For me, what makes the sentence so true is:


Oysters DO taste like the sea.

They DO taste slightly metallic.

The metallic taste…

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