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How watching #BledisloeCup coverage can improve your business presenting – Pt 1 Gordon Bray

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When you watch the Bledisloe Cup you see incredible skills and talent. Superb timing, teamwork and calm, confident execution – and that’s OFF THE FIELD as well.

Gordon Bray

Sure, I love to watch the action and excitement on the field. I also marvel at the communication talents of the commentators – especially Gordon Bray.

In a series of posts, I’ll share how we can all improve our business communication by using some of the Bledisloe Cup commentary “moves”.

TB Media mosaic

I come from a TV (news) background – and I’ve always respected the skills of the commentators and camera operators and directors who cover LIVE EVENTS – especially SPORT.

For example, do you ever go to business events or presentations when there seems to be “dead air” and nothing is happening. Embarrassing “waits” while people get set up or in position?

Solution: Borrow from Gordon Bray.

Sure, he’s been doing this since the…

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