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Why we can love a game – even though our team loses

I’m still buzzing with excitement – even though “my team” The Maroons lost last night’s State of Origin game – 12-8.

For overseas readers, State of Origin is an intense, fierce inter-state Rugby League competition between Queensland (Maroons) and New South Wales (Blues).


I’ve tried to understand why I’m still so happy this morning – despite the disappointment.

It was a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat game. To me, there seemed a chance that the Maroons could win – right up until the last play.


They’d rallied before in previous games and in the second-half their attack was strong. There was suspense. There was hope of victory. There was something at stake.


Their opponents The Blues held strong and even stopped a try with valliant defence.


Make no mistake – I’d be happier if Qld HAD won – but there was something special about last night’s game that softened the bitter blow of disappointment.


In the lead-up to the game, I’d been teasing my friends who are Blues supporters.



Now I will have to weather their taunts and teasing – but hey, that comes with the territory.


Secretly, I’m even a bit happy that they are happy. We share a love of the game.


Plus, this was just game 1 of the 3-game contest.


And next time, there will be extra desperation for my team. The uncertainly. The challenge. Something to prove. I love it!


Do you ever feel the same way – where despite your team losing – you feel like you’ve just seen one of the best games  ever?


Please share in the comments section below.

Do NSW supporters feel the same – even when Qld wins?


In previous Qld loses (there haven’t been that many recently!) – the following day I usually ignore media reports!


But this time, I was keen to see what others thought about the game. I wanted to “re-live” the game.


If you are interested  – here’s a link to wrap-up from one of my favourite commentators – Phil “Gus” Gould.

Here’s a snippet:

It’s hard to find the words to describe what we witnessed in game one of State of Origin for 2014.
Outstanding? That just doesn’t seem to cover it. Brilliant? Well, a lot of games throughout Origin history have been brilliant. This was something different.
Read more:






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2 comments on “Why we can love a game – even though our team loses

  1. Alex
    May 29, 2014

    Yes. England vs NZ in the world cup semis last year. Intense doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    • efangelist
      May 29, 2014

      I even enjoy the Brit-Australian rivalry over the cricket. A shared passion for the game AND humorous “ribbing” each other. I love the british fans “mocking songs”. Is there a UK expression for well-intentioned “teasing” of rivals? One Australian expression is” “Taking the piss” – not taking A piss – taking THE piss.

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