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State of Origin: why it means so much to fans

Do you love State of Origin time of year?


State Of Origin III - QLD v NSW

For overseas readers, State of Origin is an intense, fierce  inter-state Rugby League competition between Queensland (Maroons) and New South Wales (Blues).




i love the State of Origin competition for so many reasons. If you have different or extra reasons – please share in the comments section below.


1. The humour and rivalry.

Personally,  as well as the competition of game, I enjoy the humour  competition and rivalry between opposing fans.

I’m a proud Queensland supporter – yet I appreciate clever one-up-manship or one-up-FAN-ship.

In Australia, the expression is to “give each other shit”. Some fans deliberately seek to enjoy the games with opposing fans to make the game “more interesting”. The banter is all part of the fun.



At the end of this post, I’ll link to a post about witty rivalry in the workplace.


2. the expression of passion

I love the “excuse” for emotional outlet – yelling – whether watching a game live or on TV.

Reminds me of a lyric from an old song – especially about men “expressing themselves”.


I go to the football to cheer for my team
I go to the football to hear myself scream

(Suburban boy)


3. family bonding across generations.

For me, the games are a reason for 3 generations of my family  to enjoy watching games together.

It’s an enjoyable  shared family experience. The most vocal supporter is my mum who is also a massive fan of Queensland coach and former legendary Queensland player  Mal Meninga.

My son was born in NSW – yet he declares himself a proud Queensland supporter.


Deeper stuff:

In Australia at the moment there’s lots of negative economic news. Lots of doom and gloom. For many, a grey life  of grinding struggle.


At least, with State of Origin there’s a vivid injection of colour (Maroon or Blue), lots of laughs and a certainty that  at least one group of fans will get some “good news” with their team winning.


Go Queensland!


If you have other reasons why State of Origin means so much to you – please share in the comments section below.


If you’re interested here are link to those other State of Origin Inspired posts:





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