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#Origin lovers – is it wrong to feel “happy” for opposing fans when your team loses?

My family and I are massive State of Origin fans and loyal Queensland supporters.


Last night history was made and the tide turned as Queensland’s 8 series winning streak came to an end.


Origin Game2

My son and I were understandably very, very disappointed – but I encouraged him to “look at the faces of the NSW player and the fans”   (We were watching on TV)

“They love the game too. For a good game – you need good, worthy opponents. Imagine how they feel after losing for 8 years.”



I try to use Origin and other sport to pass on life lessons 🙂

My son’s “wise” reply: “And imagine how we’ll feel when we win it back next year!”


Well said, son!

Maroons colours

To be honest – sometimes I hear different opinions about fan loyalty. I ask my parents about their “code” of fandom. They support Queensland – but they respect NSW (unless they play dirty)

If you have a different view on how fans should act in “defeat” – please share in the comments below.



TB LL mosaic

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