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Living la vida joke-a – so many #puns on the #RickyMartin song >

This post was “inspired” by two “bad puns:

1. a tweet I read this morning that made me smile  – Living La Vida Data.

2. when a professional friend told me of a locum opportunity – I responded with “living La Vida Locum”.


Many people – including me cannot resist puns.

And this song – from way,way back in 1999 has spawned so many puns – comedy videos and even clothing slogans.

One of my favourites was Jimmy Fallon’s Living La Vida Yoda. Many people attribute this to Weird Al – but I believe it was written by Jimmy Fallon when he was on Saturday Night Live.

living la vida yoda

Then there’s the clothing – for those living a life without much money – Living La Vida Broka.

livin-la-vida-broka shirt


I think that’s what it means 🙂

When I would do “blokey” things I would say I was Living La Vida Bloke-a.


My son and I both love bad puns and jokes so we are often Living La Vida Joke-a


T and O footies


Ahhh silly puns. I reckon La Vida Loca puns will be timeless and never grow old – just like  Ricky Martin!



If you can think of any more La Vida Loca puns please share in the comments section below.

To inspire your creativity and to loosen up your thinking –  You can sing along to this video of Ricky and Kylie.


Anyway, I must go and  take my clothes off and go dancing in the rain.


If you know the song you’ll get the reference!




Living La Vida Cope-a


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  1. efangelist
    July 30, 2014

    Reblogged this on Sentimental as Anything and commented:

    Do you remember when this song first came out? So many people have made parodies or had pun fun with the title! Enjoy!

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