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When others take a #coffee break – that’s when you should get to work on #twitter. Here’s why>

This post was inspired by a session with a successful exec who wants to improve his use of twitter.

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He wanted to know the best times to tweet to maximise the chances for your tweets to get read. People are not on twitter all the time – but there are certain “prime times”

My tip:

Think of when your audience is likely to be taking a break to check their twitter feeds and tweet then.


Those times include: lunch and coffee breaks.


Now I looooove my coffee and exploring different cafes and types of coffee.

TB working in cafe


I suggested to the exec ( as we met over coffee) that:

1. when you feel like a coffee or other sort of beverage break – you can also use that time to tweet. Chances are if your audience is in the same time zone – they too will be taking a break and probably checking their twitter feeds

2. When you feel like lunch – to tweet then because for similar reasons, people in the same time zone will probably be checking their  twitter.


I suggest that you still take time for lunch and “coffee breaks” – maybe just take the breaks a bit earlier so you can use the “feeding and reading times” to send out messages AND to engage with people on twitter.


The best success habits are ones that have natural “triggers” that remind you to take certain actions.


Personally, I set alarms/reminders for coffee break and lunch time.

Also, when I feel like a coffee break – that’s when I tweet. It’s easy.


If you’re interested in more on maximising feeding and reading times – here’s a link:

Use feeding and reading time – for your messages



If you’d like help improving your twitter – I’d love to help you.

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