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More father-son lessons from the Rugby League Grand Final

Do you love to watch big sporting events with your family?

Michael Jennings amazing try

My son and I love to watch Rugby League together – AND with my brother and my parents.

It’s a fun family “ritual” – and even better when we support different sides.

Unless of course it’s State of Origin  – where we ALL support Queensland!

Anyway in the recent Grand Final (Rooters v Manly Sea Eagles) – to make things more interesting, I “went for” the Sea Eagles.

My son decided to join me in supporting the Sea Eagles – mainly to stir grandma!

I usually support The Brisbane Broncos – but they didn’t make it to the grand final.

I really thought Manly would win – and especially thought Manly would dominate the second half.

Manly were ahead – then Michael Jennings from the Roosters scored a superhuman, Superman-like flying try.

I cheered for his amazing feat!

My son looked at me strangely and asked if it was OK to cheer the opposing team.

I may be wrong and I may be broken some unspoken code – but I told him it’s OK to cheer good playing – even by the opposing team. I told him I was cheering the  amazing TRY more than the team.

When The Roosters started to get ahead and looked certain of victory – my son switched to supporting the. Little turncoat!

I told him that once you pick a team to support – you should stay loyal to them – even when it looks like the other team will win.

Is this right?

I’m keen to know your views – especially from my Rugby-league loving friends and fellow parents.

Am I teaching my son the right values?

Of course, I have explained to him in no uncertain terms that he is NEVER to support great playing from NSW – if that was ever to happen! 🙂

If you didn’t see the game – here’s  a clip of the try. Make sure you wait for the slow-mo!

Here’s a link to the first post about father-son lessons:



2 comments on “More father-son lessons from the Rugby League Grand Final

  1. Pete Walmsley
    October 8, 2013

    Nice piece! I agree, I like to teach my kids that loyalty is a noble thing. It’s becoming increasing rare these days, not only in sport but in business and even in personal relationships! If we we’re all a little more loyal these days, I reckon the world would be a better place.
    Also, I like that you showed it was OK to cheer good play, no matter which team it was. I wasn’t a fan of either side, but really enjoyed the contest.

    • efangelist
      October 8, 2013

      Yes I think sport CAN be a great way to teach kids lessons. Because MY favourite team wasn’t playing – I could enjoy “the game” and appreciate the talents of both sides. I’m still so happy – days after the game and I love re-watching that amazing try. The game was also a great lesson for my son about not giving in. The Roosters were behind but didn’t give in. Maybe that penalty try to Manly got them angry and “fired up”!

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