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Super marketing and copywriting lessons from supermarkets part 2 of 3

BI MG_3353

In part one, I wrote about the attention-pulling power of colour and images that persuaded me to choose certain products above so many others.

BI MG_3354

In part two, I’ll discuss the power of words and this simple technique to persuade buys to choose your product.

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. What does your busy want to achieve by buying and using your product?
2. How does your buyer want to feel after using your product

In one case I bought a particular brand because I wanted to feel refreshed.

BI IMG_3351 2

The wording made it very clear in promising that that is what this tea would make me feel in the morning.

In another case, I wanted a tea as my night beverage that would help me sleep.

BI MG_3353

In my case, I didn’t care about the brand – I just wanted teas that would refresh me in the morning and help me sleep at night.

Although these writing techniques may seem very simple and obvious – they work by making it very clear, very quickly the promise of what the product will deliver. We buy products for a reason.

People often make purchasing decisions very quickly. If you make your point faster and more convincingly than your competitors, the buyer will probably choose your product over others. Of course, which products the buyer sees first is another matter.

Mmmm…I feel like a tea right now…the one to refresh me for the rest of my day’s work.


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