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Super marketing lessons from supermarkets – part 1 of 3

You can become a better writer or marketer or persuader by learning lessons from supermarkets – as I did this morning.

I was on a mission to buy tea and coffee and was confronted by an agonizing array of choices.

BI MG_3354

As a professional​ writer and copywriter, I study and analyse what persuades me to choose one product over another. What gets my attention and triggers choosing one product over another?

Some buyers are persuaded by price – they will go for the cheapest product.

When I analyse my own buying motivation – I didn’t even look at the price.
I was persuaded by two things. I bought two different teas for different reasons.

The first purchase, I must admit was the attraction of colour and image.

BI MG_3356

We are all different and have different motivations. I am ‘a sucker’ for images of travel and exotic places and while the rational part of me knows this tea was probably not really made in an exotic place and transported by a camel caravan, the emotional parts of me chose this tea over all the others. In this case, the power of visuals triggered this buying decision.

In part two, I’ll share the reason for a second purchase – a more rational choice based on the power of words.


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