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#Creativity as a #Cure-ator for Cure fans

I Wanna Be Creative!

Sometimes your artistic ‘talent’ is curating the talents of others – or with this Cure-inspired project, being a Cure-ator.

Cure show Slide1 copy

I have a passion for music and a little bit of musical skill spread thinly over several instruments.

Lots of my friends are super-talented visual artists and many are, as I am, big fans of the music of Robert Smith and The Cure.

So, I’m putting together a show that’s a combination of:

  1. different Cure-inspired works of art – and Cure-ios like my special Boys Don’t Dry tea towel
  2. performances of Cure songs (performed in ways deliberately different from the originals)…and
  3. stories about the Cure and pop culture (Cure humour and cultural impact)…yes the Cure is not all about dark and gloomy Goth music.

cure 9e1bc6bbf96b60706eccc797307cf01e'Apparently they're better than The Cure.'

This is not a tribute show about trying to look like Robert Smith or to reproduce Cure songs note for note.

It’s a ‘compact’ show designed to be taken on the…

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