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#Writing Tip -Alas, pore/pour/poor Yorick…



Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

I respect the tech-savvy of younger workers and writers – but many have pour/pore/poor writing skills when it comes to using the correct words.

poor yorick

This post was inspired by an informative article I was reading about writing effective Instagram captions.

The writer seemed very helpful and smart – and then I read this… (the main problem words in CAPS):

X manages Hootsuite’s Brand Publishing team and is the editor of this blog. When he’s not POURING over copy, you might find him POURING a coffee. Or riding a bike. He has many interests.

The correct word should be PORING over copy.

This PORE (as a verb)  means:

  1. to read or study attentively —usually used with over

  2. to reflect or meditate steadily

Or as The Bard writes:

BB quote-to-pore-upon-a-book-to-seek-the-light-of-truth-william-shakespeare-113-85-25

If words are said rather than read – the mistake wouldn’t matter as it would sound the same.

But mistakes that appear in writing make…

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