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Accidental #creativity of #gotgeoud words

I Wanna Be Creative!

Sometimes gotgeoud things are created by accident. Do YOU know what gotgeoud means?

got 18198464_10210800512382028_6351963787293460388_n

Neither did I! A friend who loves collecting and using words from other languages used gotgeound in a message and was curious and so I looked it up to try to find its origin.

It turns out the word was a typo – and she meant to write GORGEOUS.



My friend hit the T key instead of the R and the D instead of the S – and yet, in my opinion the word GOTGEOUD is a beautiful accident. To me it looks good and sounds good – or rather it sounds GOTGEOUD.

I thought the word sounds like some Scandinavian word- and to me GOT GEOUD ‘suggested’  – it meant something like GOD GIVEN in a similar way the name DARTH VADER suggested DARK FATHER. (You know how even if…

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