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State of Origin – battle of wits

An earlier post – It’s THAT time of year!

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I love State of Origin rivalry where workplaces have supporters backing different teams – the Blues and the Maroons. I love the friendly “ribbing” and one-upmanship.

For followers not from Australia – the State of Origin is a Rugby League 3-game competition between rival states New South Wales (The Blues) and Queensland (The Maroons). Many workplaces have supporters of the rival teams.

I just had to take this photo that was on the wall of a place I was training at.Image

Maroons supporters put up the newspaper headline Blue hoo when the Blues were crying after losing the first game.

Some smarty-pants (but witty) Blues supporters added to the headline the next game when the Blues won.

I’m a loyal Maroons supporter – but I appreciate good wit.

It’s be exciting to see who gets the last laugh tonight!!

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