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#Fogography – why fog intrigues us

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Do you love photography of fog? (#fogography).

fog 18622315_10155572932492345_7910039535318126125_n

This morning, I’ve been enjoying Facebook friends posts of fog. Maybe it’s because in Queensland, fog seems to not be so common.  Maybe, I like fogography because the fog is ephemeral and will lift. (I wrote this post quickly to capture a moment – and it’s still foggy outside.

fog 18620040_10155359974334772_8456950463851892079_n

The above shots are from different facebook friends. When I think about it, it’s the contrast of the light/s and the fog that makes these photos intriguing – for me anyway.

It reminds me of atmospheric foggy days in other countries – like seeing a saxophone player in New Orleans beneath ‘the halo of a street lamp’  in the fog.

I also love fog quotes – and this one I think sums up the appeal of fog and fogography.


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