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Game of Maroons – Game of Thrones – Why “Maroons” is pronounced like Thrones?

An earlier post. Lots of my international friends are astounded by how we pronounce Maroons. I think it’s against the law in Queensland to pronounce it incorrectly – like moon.

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If you love your State of Origin ( the Maroons versus the Blues) AND you love language – you may be interested to know why the Queensland team name (the Maroons) is pronounced so it rhymes with Thrones rather than Moon.


I’m a big State of Origin fan – and also as an international communication consultant, I often ponder language and pronunciation differences bewteen different countries – even countries that share English as a language – The UK, US, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


As a bit of a word nerd – I study this stuff. Also, I help top business execs improve their spelling.

You’d be amazed the number of top execs who scaled the corporate ladder thanks to their spoken “gift of the gab” skills – rather than their writing and spelling skills.

word nerd CU

Anyway, if you were wondering OR if you ever need to explain this…

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