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The importance of eye contact when #presenting – #Rugby Examples

An earlier post. I’m sure there’ll be more good examples from Rugby this season. I love the commentary and pre-game interviews as much as the matches themselves.

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In Western business culture – direct eye contact projects confidence and “honesty”. Not meeting someone’s eye can be seen as being evasive, not confident and even dishonest. It’s as if you “have something to hide”.

It’s a “cultural thing” we grow up with and develop. We subconsciously form judgements on whether we can trust someone or whether we can have confidence in people and what they are saying. Do they look confident? Do they look as if they believe what they are saying?

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As an international presentation coach, I get to experience many different cultures.

In some Asian cultures it can be more “respectful” to NOT engage in direct eye contact. It’s more respectful when dealing with more senior people (in age or business status) to have less direct eye contact.

Western business culture has often entered Asian cultures – however I find many Asians from more mature generations can…

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