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#BetterLawBlogTips:Blog like Bregman(Harvard Bus Rev)

Blog it like Bregman! (movie reference) You can even make legal blogs more engaging and readable!

doubleshot media

How you can write more engaging business blogs  – like Peter Bregman from the Harvard Business Review 

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If you need to turn you business information into engaging social media (blogs etc.)  YOU can learn a lot from the style of Peter Bregman.


Peter is one my writing heroes – along with people like Chris Brogan and Sam Horn.

I’ve been following and studying Peter’s style for years from when I first read his articles in the Harvard Business Review.


Now, there are lots of smart subject matter experts who write for publications such as the Harvard Business Review.

What I admire most  about Peter’s style – what makes him so special and worth studying – is his easy-to-read, human style.

Peter turns information into engaging stories. I know the idea of storytelling can sound too fluffy in the business world – yet we are “programmed” to listen to and remember stories.

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