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To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications

What sort of message do you think mistakes like these convey to your audience? I know people in business are busy these days -but these sorts of mistakes are atro-shush!

doubleshot media

If you work in recruitment and you are trying to attract good talent, I suggest you don’t let mistakes like this slip through:

“To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications.”

What sort of impression do you think that error-riddled writing makes?

I understand that recruitment has been hit hard and disrupted by LinkedIn and other ways people advertise for and apply for jobs.  The recruitment industry has suffered severe cost-slashing –  and those who still have jobs are seriously overworked.


Still, in my professional opinion, organisations need to have some quality control (simple and efficient)  to avoid credibility-eroding clusters of mistakes – as in the sentence above.

I recently worked in a busy TV newsroom and, as a result, I understand that mistakes WILL slip through in fast-paced news. The same problem affects most businesses these days as businesses pump out more and more written messages…

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