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Improve your focus and #productivity – ‘piss off the ping’ and activate aeroplane/airplane mode

Are you the kind of person who gets ‘detoured’ and distracted by the ‘ping’ (or other sound) when new messages/alerts comes in on your phone or computer?

I certainly am. I often can’t resist checking what the message is about and this can interrupt what I’m doing and in a worst-case-scenario make me even forget important things I was about to do.

airplane mode

Research shows that when we are interrupted mid-task – it takes us valuable time to get back into the task.

Recently, I’ve greatly improved my focus and productivity by simply turning on airplane mode or as phones in Australia have on their screens – aeroplane mode.

Of course, it’s vital to remember to switch off airplane mode – so you don’t miss important messages.

I travel a lot so I use airplane mode a lot.


bbc-radio phone

Taking advice from a BBC i-phone expert, I started using airplane mode when I was using my phone or ipad to record audio or video interviews that I didn’t want interrupted.

Recently, I started using airplane mode at other times when I am writing too – or in an important meeting I want to give my full attention and focus to.

Of course, you don’t do it if you are waiting on a crucial message.

Maybe you are more disciplined and less easily distracted than I am and you don’t need to activate airplane mode.  Lucky you. When I help Australian execs and workers improve their work focus and prodctivity – we call this ‘Piss off the ping!’. In Australian, ‘to piss off’ (in this case) means to ‘do way with’.

I suppose I could be more polite and call it “do away with the ding” –  but “piss off the ping” seems to work in making the message memorable.

If you have other ways of not being distracted by pings and dings please add tio the comments section below.

Try it and see if ‘pissing off the ping’ works for you. Just remember to turn off airplane mode.  It’s all about developing effective habits. Out of habit – now I’ve finished writing this post, I will now turn off airplane mode and check for any new messages.







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