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Quit bitchin’ and start fixin’!

An earlier post – this CEO’s tip is always helpful about the value of purposeful ‘bitching’

doubleshot media

Don’t you love the colourful expressions of some colourful business leaders?


This is a favourite saying of one CEO I enjoyed helping. He owned the company – so he could afford to have his own colourful style.

When his managers would complain to him about the behaviour of certain workers – he’d “encourage” them to get solving the problem rather than taking too much time complaining about it (after they’d already raised the problem).

He’d listen to a complaint – ONCE. After that, it was QUIT BITCHIN’ AND START FIXIN’

It was great for me as a trainer because I’d often get called in to help with a solution.

TB LL mosaic

For example, workers were getting distracted from all sorts of behaviour from other workers.

They worked in an open-plan office where sounds and smells would distract others.

I’d get managers (and others) to “vent” all their…

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